Action for the Amazon Covid-19 Relief Campaign: First Milestone

Successful deliveries made in Peru and Colombia bring life-saving supplies to remote communities.
Peru Covid Relief

After consulting with local leaders in Ayacucho, San Juan de Yanayacu, and Junin Villages, Dustin Pinedo Gonzales, Nevada Building Hope Foundation Director-Peru,  purchased items that would become lifelines for families during the pandemic. He bought food like rice, oats, potatoes and tea to supplement the crops grown in local gardens and fish caught in the nearby river. To complete the kits, he purchased soap, bleach, matches and medicines, then along with Biologist Alfredo Dosantos, personally traveled to the Peruvian Rainforest to deliver them all. When they arrived, the river was too low for the cargo ship to navigate safely, so the three communities worked together using their canoes and small boats to transport the items the remainder of the way. These survival kits, which all successfully made it to shore, will sustain the local residents for four months, allowing them to avoid the nearby city, which has an approximate 80% Covid infection rate.

You can help provide additional kits with your donation to our Action for the Amazon Covid-19 Relief Campaign.

Colombia Covid Relief

For 31 communities located in the Asatribva and Acazunip area of Vaupés along the Colombia/Brazil border, there is renewed hope in a time that has been very challenging for all. The Amazon Conservation team successfully delivered 3,102 face masks and 760 food sovereignty kits (which include hooks, flashlights and fishing lines, as well as soap and salt, among other items that enable sustainable food sources) to 760 families in these Indigenous communities. In a region that has been devastated by the pandemic and continues to face environmental battles, these supplies bring a lifeline to those who need it most.

You can help to provide additional resources to this area by making a donation today.

Thanks to everyone who has supported and continues to support this campaign through donations, social media shares and word of mouth. We’re currently pursuing our goal of $80,000 in total funding.

Top Photo: Courtesy of Nevada Building Hope Foundation
Bottom Photo: Courtesy of Amazon Conservation Team

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