Charity Partner Spotlight: Amazon Conservation Team

Amazon Conservation Team Delivery

With a partnership that goes all the way back to 2013, the decision to join forces again with the Amazon Conservation Team was an easy one. 

Our work together began with a project that brought a clean water supply to a school near the Inga reserve of Yurayaco in Colombia. A year later, it progressed to a trip with Julian to meet with members of the Kogi Indigenous Tribe and protect the sacred sites so important to the preservation of their culture. Working with their group has always produced favorable results that have furthered our mission to Conserve Life.

When we learned of the dire situation in the Amazon, specifically the especially brutal statistics coming out of Ecuador and Peru, we didn’t hesitate to include them in our Action for Amazon Covid-19 Relief Campaign. 

Already with programs in place to respond to the pandemic crisis, the Amazon Conservation Team had mobilized to provide lifesaving communications, medical supplies, food necessities and fuel to those who were the most severely impacted. They had already coordinated with locals and implemented plans so that additional aid would reach those who need it the most when more funds became available.

We look forward to sharing the results of this ongoing campaign as the relief efforts continue.


Photo courtesy of Amazon Conservation Team

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