Remembering José de los Santos Sauna Limaco, Kogi Governor and Mama Pedro Juan

I was saddened to learn of the passing of Kogi Governor José de los Santos Sauna Limaco, due to Covid-19, and Mama Pedro Juan, whom I fondly remember spending precious time with during my visit to the Indigenous Kogi Tribe in Colombia in 2014.

It was one of the most profound and spiritual experiences I’ve ever had, and I’m forever grateful for the lessons I learned, which I will carry with me forever …

Their souls will remain bright, as we reflect upon the wisdom and beauty of their memory.


Mama and Julian

To learn more about Julian’s time with the Kogi Tribe, read the Julian Lennon Interview: Happiness is a Colombian Tribe. This piece first appeared in Smashing Interviews Magazine, March 28, 2014, shortly after Julian returned from his visit.

Photos: Top, Santos. Inline, Mama Pedro Juan with Julian

To see Julian’s full collection of photos from his time with the Kogi Tribe, visit:

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