Julian Lennon’s White Feather Foundation embraces [email protected], an initiative to honour patients undergoing treatment in hospitals around the world. Together we bring colour into their lives via donated artworks to brighten hospital walls and create positive energy.
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Pedro’s wish

A young and loving husband, caring son, loyal friend and compassionate colleague, Pedro Oliveira touched many people with his positive and charismatic personality.

Pedro tragically lost the battle to leukemia only 6 days after diagnosis. He was only 31 years old.

His final hours were spent in a bland hospital ward and his last wish was for his favourite painting to be brought into his room to add some colour to the somber grey walls.

Help us make Pedro’s wish come true. There are many places where people are interned; the sick, the elderly, and children. They all need to get better, and sometimes they are fighting for their lives.

Make hospitals beautiful and imaginative places that fill patients hearts with hope and good energy. Families, friends and medical staff benefit from good vibes that have a positive impact on healing and bring joy at a most difficult time in their lives.

How it works

The initiative [email protected] motivates artists worldwide to collaborate and donate their art to local hospitals.

Recruit a Hospital

Show this webpage presentation to the hospital director and explain that artworks are donated at no cost to hospital. The art is a gift for life that the hospital will hang on their walls for the benefit of it’s patients and their loved ones. Remember you offer a gift of joy and happiness.

Attract Artists

Find local artists to donate their artworks directly to the hospital. The hospital should dedicate a storage room and set days and times for deliveries. Different size projects can be made depending on the hospital’s requirements. You can also help with PR and promotions.

Give People Joy

We are looking for happy art,  self-portraits, and even children’s paintings from local schools. There are white and grey empty walls in hospitals that need to be filled with colour and hope. As the organiser & motivator of your local [email protected] project, you should also help the crew hang the art works and be there for the launch celebration event.

Tribute to Cynthia Lennon with [email protected]

This is a tribute to Cynthia Lennon and a wonderful example of [email protected] in the Municipal Hospital of Oncology Marie Curie, City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. [email protected] is a beautiful project that brings hope, inspiration and joy for patients and their families.

Thanks to Nadia Elisa Baltazar, Buenos Aires, Argentina for sharing these wonderful photos with us.

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Center of Rehabilitation – University San Martin, Buenos Aires

[email protected] project for the Center of Rehabilitation of the University San Martin, Buenos Aires. A huge success with so many amazing contributions from talented artists. Thank you to all that have helped to bring joy and life to these hospital walls. 

Top neurologists at the hospital work with patients to regain their motoric and cognitive skills. The doctors firmly believe that via art the brain gets impulses that are important to the healing process.

Argentine artists donated 120 paintings as a response to the combined efforts of [email protected] Hospital and The White Feather Foundation. Ken Done, famous Australian artist, donated his colourful posters and the Center now looks splendid and colourful.

Patients and medical staff are delighted and give thanks from their heart for the inspiration and positive energy it has brought them.

The project started on 20th of February and will have its festive inauguration on the 1st of April. Franco Bacchiani will play guitar and all staff of the University and contributing artists will attend.

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