Our Supporters

What our supporters think...

  • I love WFF because it gives me the chance to help, even in a small way, people throughout the world who are suffering.

    Lorein CiprianoTWFF Supporter
  • All the causes TWFF is helping benefit our lives on the Earth, now and in the future.

    Kazuko IihataTWFF Supporter
  • I love TWFF because of its mission and involvement in so many urgent issues.

    Linda CohenTWFF Supporter
  • I like that TWFF gives 100% of the proceeds to the project I donate to.

    Marivi SantosTWFF Supporter
  • I love TWFF because of its passion for Humanitarianism.

    Jamie HamblyTWFF Supporter
  • I appreciate that TWFF collaborates with small charities and foundations to accomplish significant projects.

    Debbie JensenTWFF Supporter
  • TWFF warms my heart because it takes care of the Mother Earth through dedication and love for nature.

    Stella MyD PetryTWFF Supporter
  • I love that TWFF helps to empower people and helps the conservation of the Earth. It brings issues to light in a positive way.

    Bernadette ChristmasTWFF Supporter
  • I love TWFF because I truly believe that whatever I donate helps humankind.

    Barbara CanovanTWFF Supporter
  • I love TWFF because 100% of my money goes to where it is needed.

    Susan OyerTWFF supporter

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