I love TWFF because it gives me the chance to help, even in a small way, people throughout the world who are suffering.

All the causes TWFF is helping benefit our lives on the Earth, now and in the future.

I love TWFF because of its mission and involvement in so many urgent issues.

I like that TWFF gives 100% of the proceeds to the project I donate to.

I love TWFF because of its passion for Humanitarianism.

I appreciate that TWFF collaborates with small charities and foundations to accomplish significant projects.

TWFF warms my heart because it takes care of the Mother Earth through dedication and love for nature.

I love that TWFF helps to empower people and helps the conservation of the Earth. It brings issues to light in a positive way.

I love TWFF because I truly believe that whatever I donate helps humankind.

I love TWFF because 100% of my money goes to where it is needed.

TWFF aligns with my philosophy, dreams, and hopes for the planet and the people of the planet.

TWFF is an organization for those in need no matter who, no matter where.

TWFF is an organization that truly helps everyone they can.

I love the fact that TWFF is trying to address issues without regard to boundaries and political agendas.

I love TWFF as it makes me realise that I can do good with the support of the souls that care.

I love TWFF because of your work raising awareness for Lupus.

I love the Clean Water projects and The Cynthia Lennon Scholarship For Girls.

The reason why I like TWFF is that I enjoy helping others.

What I admire about TWFF is its down to earth appeal and its positive, life-affirming message.

Planting trees for clean air and digging for clean water provides people with basic human rights.

This is a charity with a heart that uses the money as promised.

What I love most about TWFF is the diversity. I love the fact that they take care of multiple aspects in our world such as clean water, education, health, etc. I love the passion that this Foundation exudes.

I think TWFF does so much for the underdeveloped world, places the world has forgotten about.

The Foundation produces tangible results for people in ways that have real meaning, whether it's digging wells or building school dormitories or providing COVID prevention materials for Indigenous communities. The relief these projects bring is meaningful; I can actually picture the recipients benefitting from the work the Foundation does.

TWFF does amazing work around the world, helping those who need it most while also bringing awareness to these causes and maintaining the dignity of those who are suffering.

I support TWFF because it is an umbrella of diverse charities and organizations all trying to better this world we live in and save this beautiful planet we live on.

TWFF partner causes do so much to help the people who need help the most. I trust them with knowing the "who" and the best way of helping as well.

I like that I can trust the Foundation 100% — that all the money collected goes directly to the projects that we're supporting. That it is a global charity that cares about the Earth and its people. Ecology and making people’s lives better are interconnected.

TWFF is charitable, promotes positive change and makes the world a better place.

All TWFF actions promote significant results in the lives of the people who benefit...They make a difference in the lives of someone and their communities.

The broad array of charities in itself is great because everyone can find at least one charity that speaks to their hearts.

TWFF's greatest achievement is having the ability to give people hope. Clean water, food, supplies, etc. allow a chance for a better life to many that may otherwise perish. Life is hard, but for many it's an impossible obstacle without the right tools.