Our Supporters

What our supporters think...

  • I love TWFF because I truly believe that whatever I donate helps humankind.

    Barbara CanovanTWFF Supporter
  • I love TWFF because 100% of my money goes to where it is needed.

    Susan OyerTWFF supporter
  • TWFF aligns with my philosophy, dreams, and hopes for the planet and the people of the planet.

    Fiona LaveauTWFF supporter
  • TWFF is an organization for those in need no matter who, no matter where.

    Virginia Abreu de PaulaTWFF supporter
  • TWFF is an organization that truly helps everyone they can.

    Linda TomanTWFF supporter
  • I love the fact that TWFF is trying to address issues without regard to boundaries and political agendas.

    Cynthia BarrieTWFF supporter
  • I love TWFF as it makes me realise that I can do good with the support of the souls that care.

    N’dene RileyTWFF supporter
  • I love TWFF because of your work raising awareness for Lupus.

    Sara Walton RiffTWFF supporter
  • I love the Clean Water projects and The Cynthia Lennon Scholarship For Girls. Thanks Julian Lennon for your care and dedication.

    Debora CitroTWFF supporter
  • The reason why I like TWFF is that I enjoy helping others.

    Kristi LTWFF supporter