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Bring Clean Water to Cameroon

Build a Well for the St. Felix Catholic Primary School

For over 40 years, the children, teachers and administrators at the St. Felix Catholic Primary School in Ntenefor, Bamenda Upper Station in Cameroon have relied on the kindness of neighbors to provide water for their school. Instead of faucets and sinks, they receive their supply in buckets, donated by the community. In partnership with Farmer Tantoh, The White Feather Foundation aims to raise enough funds to dig a well for the school.

Farmer Tantoh, once a student at the school, remembers a time when the community did have access to a well, but there was no wall or cover to protect it, so it was determined to be a safety hazard. Without easy access to clean water, student hygiene, agricultural education and community safety—especially during a pandemic—all suffer. We need your help to dig this well so that over 600 people can learn, play and grow in a safe and healthy environment.

The plan is to dig a well at least 15m deep, which will have the capacity to pump 10,000 – 20,000 liters of water per day, helping the school community of 600, and an additional 2,000 area citizens. TWFF will also support the development of an organic garden and agricultural education program.

Impact 1

$20 will provide binding wires or nails and screws.

Impact 2

$100 will provide water filters; pipes and accessories; support rods; wood for pillars; or zinc for tank roofing.

Impact 3

$500 will provide clean, sharp sand; gravel; cement for moulding rings; submersible water pump and accessories; sea sand; or cleaning and treatment.

Impact 4

$2000 will provide the well-digging labour, the well-moulding and ring-installation labour, or the establishment of the school garden and orchard.

Clean Water Project in Ntenefor, Cameroon 1