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Support Studio Samuel's HIV AIDS prevention program for the girls under their care in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Our first class of 25 students participated in an HIV/AIDS awareness course and received an HIV test after being certified in the course. Emotions were empty and girls were mentally withdrawn while waiting for results, knowing the odds weren’t in their favor. Over 80% of girls in that class lost one or both parents to AIDS.

All girls tested negative!

One by one: surprise – joy – tears – smiles – giggles. They each saw this as a new lease on life. Shy teenage girls became vocal about sexual activity and the need to protect themselves, in turn protecting their community.

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Studio Samuel's HIV AIDS prevention program:

“Because my mom and dad died of AIDS, I knew the same would be true for me. When I got my test results from the Studio Samuel doctor and he said I was negative, I was so happy that I cried! I have so much to do in my future now.”

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HIV and AIDS Education is Vital

The HIV AIDS problem in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Stigma and myths surrounding HIV in a community not armed with facts are a contributing factor in the spread of HIV/AIDS. If your family member contracts AIDS, you may assume you’re a carrier. This assumption leads to not getting tested, not protecting yourself, and living with a Why does it matter? mindset.

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If an HIV+ person has access to ART/ARV (medicine/treatment) but lives in poverty without access to healthy food, they may forego taking their medicine. HIV medication is very hard on an empty stomach.

The need for HIV AIDS Prevention programs

The 25 countries with the highest numbers of new HIV infections were selected for the Global HIV Prevention Coalition. Of these, 17 are African countries, including Ethiopia. (source: UNFPA)

After remarkable decline for decades, since 2008 HIV incidence rate began to rise by 10% and number of new infections diagnosed each year increased by 36% among all ages and doubled among adults, much due to suppressed prevention programs.

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With the current trend, Ethiopia will achieve the second and third 90% HIV targets, while the first target is not achievable and without achieving this overarching goal control of the epidemic will not be achieved. Therefore due attention is needed to avert the current epidemics and diagnosis of cases (source).

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