This is at the very heart of what we do, as our organization began with the Mirning tribe’s presentation of a white feather to Julian. Today, we respond through advocacy and assistance with conservation of native lands and support of artistic endeavors that promote the preservation of culture.

The harmony of our natural world lies in the balance between Mother Earth and her inhabitants. With respect for the wisdom and experience of the Indigenous people who have loved and cultivated the land for thousands of years, we can together conserve our shared resources for future generations to come.

Your Donations Support Projects Like These

The impact of your kindness is reflected in these positive outcomes.

Kogi Indigenous People

Reclaimed 54 Kogi Indigenous People pilgrimage sites along the north coast of Colombia, which was threatened by poorly planned, aggressive development.

Merata Mita Fellowship

Established the Merata Mita Film Fellowship with the Sundance Institute, to bring Native and Indigenous voices to the forefront of global storytelling.
Yachaikury Student

Yachaikury School in the Amazon

Installed an aqueduct to bring clean water for drinking, food preparation and personal hygiene to the Yachaikury school in the Amazon, helping 140 indigenous students.

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