Donate to give Clean Water
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Donate to give Clean Water

Almost 1.2 billion people lack clean water, but you are helping to change this…

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100% of the money you donate will go to projects around the world that The White Feather Foundation is funding.

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Thanks to your support we help fund Clean Water projects like these…


with Malawi Association for Christian Support.

Rehabilitation of existing water system for 1,200 people.



with Interactions & Solidarity

 Implementation of borehole in Kenya serving 2,500 people.

24,767.00 €

We are raising money to help people who are dying from lack of clean water and sanitation. This natural resource that is essential for life, is in appallingly short supply. Nearly 5000 people, mainly children, die each day from preventable water-born diseases. Almost 1.2 billion people lack clean water, and this is increasing.

We will work with a number of organisations implementing water projects in countries such as Malawi, Haiti, Liberia, Somaliland, Chad, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kenya among other places. We have been gathering information on projects in these areas, which we intend to provide solutions for in the coming year. the organisations we are discussing with, are Non Governmental Organisations, who are already doing work in these areas, they have the infrastructure and capabilities already in place from years of experience to be able to realise these projects. We will work in direct collaboration with these NGO’s to help provide relief in troubled areas.

We are very much at the beginning of our endeavours to achieve these objectives; we plan to pursue simple achievable projects, in collaboration with competent organisations, with proven track records and years of experience, working and researching in these troubled areas, as our foundation expands helping more and more people in need.

We resolve to spread awareness and responsibility, whilst working to raise money to ensure the continued success of our partners in the field. We would also like to help improve sanitation, develop sustainable agriculture and education. The idea is to start with water and help communities build from there.

Water being the source, the essence from which all else flourishes.