Protect our Environment

With Antarctica registering record high temperatures and the intensity of natural disasters rapidly rising, there’s never been a more vital time to act on the Climate Crisis. From planting life-giving trees to keeping toxic plastics out of the ocean, we work with partners across the globe dedicated to the conservation of our natural resources.

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For decades, Julian has sounded the alarm of environmental distress through his music, photography and children’s books. Today we amplify this awareness through action-based efforts that work to intervene, educate and advocate for the earth—while there’s still time to save it.
the white feather foundation forest tanzania

81,000 Trees Empowering Youth and Supporting Livelihoods in Tanzania

Alastair Scarlett for Plastic Oceans

Supporting Plastic Oceans, an Award-Winning Documentary

Protect our Environment 1

Emergency Relief for Natural Disasters in Nepal, Ecuador