Support the Protection of Indigenous Cultures

Support the Protection of Indigenous Cultures

We work to conserve some of the world’s great remaining natural and cultural treasures.

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    We recommend using our secure online donation system because it is faster and easier to process. But if you do want to donate by cheque the minimum donation amount we can accept is $50 usd.

    Send cheque to: The White Feather Foundation, c/o Cousins Brett, 20 Bulstrode Street, London, W1U 2JW, United Kingdom.

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100% of the money you donate will go to projects around the world that The White Feather Foundation is funding.

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Supporting the Protection of Indigenous Cultures with projects like these…


with The Amazon Conservation Trust.

Supporting the Kogi indigenous people’s endeavour for land acquisition



with The Amazon Conservation Team.

Increasing the Yachaikury Community’s Access to Clean Water


Photographs and audio recording to support Kogi Indians and their new film ALUNA

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