Kim Kindersley

Holistic Healer / Indigenous Advocate

Kim Kindersley has been making films for 30 years, after a decade of involvement in the music business, acting and entrepreneurship. In 1990, an encounter with a dolphin in the wild, completely changed the course of his life. Some years later as a result of years travelling into remote areas of the planet, he completed a film, Whaledreamers, about The Mirning Tribe of Southern Australia, the People of the Whale, with his friend of 40 years, Julian Lennon. It was in the process of making this film that Julian was presented with the White Feather, that inspired the creation of this Foundation. Now a teacher trainer practitioner in Alchemy of Breath, Kim shares his knowledge in both online and in live healing circles and workshops, globally. “It is time for us to remember who we are, to gather again in circle around the fire, in the honouring of the ancestors, natural law, to activate and bring in the new earth. For the good of all.” To find out more and to join in the free weekly sessions go to