Hart House Survives

Hart House Second Home WFF

Hart House Survives

The White Feather Foundation is proud to announce that it has been able to help Hart House (www.harthouse.gm) in its survival for a few more weeks.

Message from the CEO of Hart House:

On behalf of the children, staff, committee and parents of Hart House I wish to acknowledge the important contribution that the White Feather Foundation has made to us being able to carry out our work with the maximum amount of children especially during times when we face severe finacial constraints and think of reducing our numbers and laying off staff. This we have not had to do due to their intervention when we are desperate to find the cost of food. We are a unique charitable organisation and as a residential facility, the running costs are greater in terms of food, staff wages etc and the standard of care these children, most with multiple handicaps, is of a neccessarily high standard whilst they are being given their rights to a fullfilling childhood.

~ Geoff Hunwicks, C.E.O., Hart House Gambia

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