Studio Samuel Update

Studio Samuel

Studio Samuel have been asked to expand their program and they thank all our supporters for believing in them! They started in 2012 with 3 girls, today they have 100 girls enrolled and have seen great things from the first round of 25 graduates. Girls who never expected to make it beyond primary-middle school are taking college entry exams. Some girls are earning part-time income, which helps put food on the table, builds self-esteem and independence. Other girls have become leaders in their school groups, even though they were previously afraid to speak up and use their voice. They haven’t lost one girl to child-marriage or trafficking since launching these programs, which is a common challenge in the communities where they work.

Because of these amazing results, Ethiopian officials have now increased their license to work on a city level. The officials want to see the life skills curriculum available on a much wider scale, with potential to reach 1,000s of girls in need. This is incredible news! So much of this was made possible because of The White Feather Foundation’s support in their programming and they are so very grateful! So thanks to all our supporters for making thousands of lives better!

Give Education and Health #conservelife.

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