Village Ambulances helping new Mothers

Village Ambulances helping new Mothers

Betty Namugaya is from a remote village called Mukokotokwa village, 10 kms from Kiyunga health center. When Betty was 9 months pregnant she went into labour and had no one to help her get to Kiyunga health center.

Thankfully, Betty as able to call the health center and they were able to send a Village Ambulance driver to collect Betty from her home. At Kiyunga health center they soon realised they need extra help and had to send Betty to the larger Mbulamuty health center. This was a difficult drive on muddy roads, but the Village Ambulance was able to help again.

“It is thanks to the Village Ambulance that my baby boy is now in my arms” – Betty

It’s amazing to see huge effects on people’s lives with small amounts of funding. Let’s continue to support great projects like these.

Give Education and Health

Thanks to our charity partner Egoli Africa for helping save people’s lives with Village Ambulances.

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