We Have Another Black Belt!

Once certified with black belt status, Ms. B will be allowed to teach and compete, both of which generate an income for her household.

Ms. B is a graduate of Studio Samuel‘s first class of 25 girls. She excelled in their Tae Kwon Do program and pursued martial arts at a local dojo after graduating from their life skills curriculum, Training for Tomorrow. She has since advanced to black belt status and all that remains is the official testing ceremony. Studio Samuel now have a total of 3 Black Belts!

Last week, Ms. B stopped by the training center to share her big news. This is an all-day event and each participant is typically allowed only one guest, as seating is limited for the special occasion. Imagine his surprise, when she asked our Director if he would support her by attending as her guest!

Ms. B has a big, bold personality and like most teenagers, this is sometimes the case to hide one’s vulnerable side. She’s an outstanding student who questions authority while also seeking acceptance. Channeling this energy through martial arts has been one of the most organic paths they’ve seen from their students. She’s a force and she has met her match in Tae Kwon Do. We are all so proud and look forward watching what lies ahead in her future!

Because of The White Feather Foundation supporters Studio Samuel is able to achieve such amazing life changing things.

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