What does summer camp mean to you?

To most, it’s a time for kids to be free and unwind after a long school year. It’s a place that guarantees two months of no homework and loads of outdoor activity!

What if a girl attended summer camp because it guaranteed a safe haven and she wanted to learn how to protect herself from violence?

For 200 girls in Studio Samuel’s community, camp allowed them to embrace self-confidence, gender equality and learn their voice matters. In addition, they learned self-defense through martial arts training. This touches on critical life skills, as these girls live in a world where violence against women is not uncommon.

And the best part? They were free, they did unwind and had an incredible time! They met new friends and they’re already talking about next summer!

The White Feather Foundation saw the vision and need for such a camp and with our supporters, we made the first Studio Samuel Summer Camp possible for these incredible young women.

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