Gardening Lesson

This activity shows children how gardens help provide clean air in city environments and provide food for the home and/or community.
Gardening Lesson

Many caring people also plant gardens for food.

Materials you’ll need

1 All-inclusive Planting Kit (available at many garden and craft stores) or

  • I Package of Seeds
  • One Planting Pot
  • Soil or Planting Pellets
  • Water


  1. Add soil or planting pellets to planting pot and moisten according to guidelines on seed packet.
  2. Add seeds and press into soil.
  3. Place in the recommended setting (sunny window, etc.) and follow instructions about how often to water and care for it; if necessary, transfer to a raised bed or outdoor planter.
  4. Watch your new herb or vegetable grow.
  5. When ready, incorporate into a healthy recipe.

Suggested discussion topics

  • What a “green space” is within a city.
  • What types of benefits green spaces provide to people who live, work and play near them.
  • What types of things can grow at home, both inside and outside.
  • Why it’s important not to put harmful chemicals in gardens to protect insects and birds that may visit.
  • What types of healthy recipes you can think of that could use your new herb or vegetable.

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