Geography Lesson

This activity provides a chance for children to visually explore where they live and discover what makes the part of earth they share with the world special.
Geography Lesson 1

Gently touch the Earth. Now touch where you live.

Materials you’ll need

  • A Globe or Map
  • Blank Paper
  • Felt-tip Markers, Crayons or Coloured Pencils


  1. Using a globe or world map, point out where your country, province or state appears and have the child touch it to recognize its shape.
  2. Then, print out a free colouring page of the area and have the child colour the location.

Suggested discussion topics

  • How big the Earth is and how small our part of it is in proportion to the rest.
  • How far apart we are from others (if you have loved ones in a faraway place, point that location out to emphasize distance or print a second colouring page to complete and make a gift to send their way).
  • What types of nature are found in your location (wildlife, flowers, trees, bodies of water).
  • What makes your surrounding area different from other locations.
  • What the child’s favourite thing is about nature in your area.
  • Why it’s important to care for things outside as we do for things inside, to protect our shared natural resources.

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