Pollution Lesson

This activity shows how destructive water pollution can be by using the visual analogy of the family bathtub to mimic the ocean. It also enforces the value of caring for the ocean so marine life and humans can benefit from it and enjoy it for years to come.
Pollution Lesson

Touch all the plastic bottles and things that shouldn’t be in the water.

Materials you’ll need

  • A Bathtub Filled with Water
  • Common Plastic Rubbish, such as Water Bottles, Grocery Bags, Bottlecaps, etc.


  1. Fill the bathtub with water and strategically float the plastic pollution in various sections of it.
  2. Have the child collect the plastic to be either recycled or put in the rubbish bin.

Suggested discussion topics

  • What types of marine life swim in the ocean.
  • How the ocean acts as the home for these creatures the way our house/apartment is our home.
  • How fish can get hurt from accidentally eating plastic they think is food or swallowing it by mistake.
  • How throwing items into the rubbish bin that could be recycled adds to the amount of pollution in the ocean.
  • How we can help by taking fabric grocery bags to the store when we shop and not using single-use plastic items known to cause harm if we can avoid it.
  • What the difference is between single-use plastic items and more sustainable plastic objects that may have a place in the home.

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