Teamwork Lesson

This activity is designed for children in the older range of this book’s audience and works best with 2 small groups of kids. It teaches the importance of teamwork through a collaborative exercise. The children will need to communicate within their own team to figure out the hiding places from the clues, and they’ll need to communicate with the opposing team to deliver the final items together and win.
Teamwork Lesson

If we can all work together … we can make our planet better!

Materials you’ll need

  • A Coffee Can with a Lid
  • Crayons (separated by colour)
  • Clothing Outfit (separated by top and bottom)
  • Any Additional “Pair” Items You May Have Around the Home
  • Paper and Pen


  1. Hide items around the house in halves (i.e. pants in one location; top in another).
  2. Write out two clue guides of where the kids can find the items on separate sheets of paper and give one to each team. For younger children who are unable to read, draw pictures instead of using words to guide them.
  3. Watch how the kids interact as they search for the items and provide hints as needed if they struggle. Be sure to monitor how they’re working together and point out ways they could improve if they’re not communicating in a positive manner.
  4. When the items have been found and brought to you, reward the group in any way you choose for a job well done.

Suggested discussion topics

  • Why working together gives us all more opportunities to thrive.
  • How communicating with others helps us understand how to best help the earth.
  • What ideas we have about how teamwork can solve nature’s challenges.

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