Kim Kindersley Joins TWFF as a Global Ambassador

Award-winning filmmaker, Indigenous advocate and co-founder of HuGold joins our mission to Conserve Life.
Julian and Kim Kindersley

I experienced viscerally that we humans are literally part of everything, nature, source, the universe, not separate at all.

TWFF: You have worked extensively with several Indigenous groups throughout your career. How did you first connect with them and how has working with them changed your outlook on life?

KK: In 1990 I had a very close encounter with a lone hermit dolphin in the wild, Fungie, from Dingle Bay, Ireland. It was one of those ‘eureka’ moments when I realised that everything I had been taught was pretty much irrelevant and mostly not true.

I experienced viscerally that we humans are literally part of everything, nature, source, the universe, not separate at all. That our environmental degradation and issues represent the  war we wage against ourselves. So I immediately changed the course of my career and set out on my life’s quest to meet people around the world who had a deep connection with and personal understanding of the natural world, especially whales and dolphins. Many were Indigenous tribes whose deep mystical connection in some cases was still intact. In those days, the quest was called Eyes of the Soul because the dolphin had looked me directly in the eyes, awakening a deep longing in me to feel our connection to all life and nature. Of course, it has profoundly changed my outlook on everything.

We all know that the system that runs our world currently is guaranteeing our extinction, not our survival as a species. I have seen firsthand the effect of our ways on Indigenous groups around the world. I would sum it up by saying that if we lose the Dreaming or our ability to come back into balance with nature, all is lost. However, the Dreaming is strong, so with people and groups who care deeply, like Julian and TWFF,  who are interested in our continuation and consciousness evolution, and are prepared to educate, teach, inform on the many solutions all around us, then for sure we have a fighting chance.  

As the Mirning song man Uncle Bunna says, “It’s time to come back to Gulla the fire, nature and ourselves before it is too late!” If we all get together and tackle the issues head on, and build a world built on fairness not greed, and constant degradation and profit, we can do this.  


TWFF: What is it about The White Feather Foundation that you feel connected with the most?

KK: My friendship with Julian goes back over 40 years, and my uncle Tara who died at 21 was also a friend of his father’s. We are deeply connected like brothers. I think the story of the gathering and our shared passion for a new earth says it all. He has put words into action and I imagine all sorts of educational programs for kids to help them come back to the natural world. For me it’s about the human connection and connection to nature that excites me the most, and working with like minded people, of course, for a common goal. 

I am honoured that Jules has asked me to be a Global Ambassador and I can imagine great things unfolding as we move forward. I want to help in any way I can.  

TWFF: When Julian received the original white feather from The Mirning Tribe elders in Adelaide, Australia—which inspired our Foundation—you were present. What was that experience like to witness?

KK: Ah now that was an incredible moment on the quest. Actually there is quite the back story, entirely magical as you would imagine with Julian and the White Feather. 

We had organised a gathering of elders from all over the world to come bear witness to the remaining Mirning Tribe and Bunna Lawrie. How it came together with so many obstacles is a testament to the compassion and foresight of a small group of very determined and connected humans who really care.

A tribe called the Warrimiri came in from the north to help the Mirning remember their whale dreaming and activate the song lines. In the week of ceremonies, one of the elders produced a white feather into the sacred circle and medicine wheel,  into which every prayer was directed. A collective prayer was made for a new earth, where are all are equal, all living on the land in total harmony with each other, nature and the cosmos. The feather was given to Iris, the matriarchal head of the Mirning.

A few months later they came collectively to meet with Julian in Adelaide. It was beautiful to see them activated and still so positive about their future after the gathering. They sang for Julian, and presented him with the Feather. I was moved to tears because I had been present for all the prayers for a new earth that had been infused into the feather. I remember Julian making such a heartfelt speech of gratitude saying, ‘We must do this together, do it for the future of the children’ … I had a sense that this was an epic poignant moment. It was only later that Julian revealed to me the feather’s significance to him relating to what his father had said.

white feather ceremony

TWFF: You are the co-founder of HuGold Full Spectrum CBD Oil, which—spoiler alert—will be available soon via The White Feather Foundation shop. This oil is created on what is rapidly evolving into a wellness farm in Ireland. Tell us about how it came to life.

KK: Same way everything else has arisen really, in a self-organising, heart-driven way.  A few years back I was suffering from deep depression and anxiety, I found myself in a very dark place. It was difficult for me to reach out at that time. A friend suggested to me to get off meds and start with a CBD oil course. I was so skeptical but I gave it a try.

It was life changing.

My inflammation ceased, my anxiety dissolved and I was able to start sleeping properly. I got so excited by the life changing effects that I got in touch with a friend Michael Lynch in Ireland who had a farming background for generations. He started taking it for his ailments and he became a complete convert. We were both very green and naive at the start but after 4 years, we are now really grounded in it and going from strength to strength. I think what worked for me was that Michael was open to everything about the community that we stand for. Not just about growing hemp and making a fully natural CBD, but all the educational stuff that comes with it. The nature wisdom aspect, the soil regeneration, the bees, the wild flowers, the re-wilding and so many other things that we can do and achieve around this amazing divine plant and process. 

We can bring back the ancient woodlands, clean our water systems, re-forest the deserts, simplify the way we live, through deep, heartfelt human connection, rather than individuated greed-driven desires.

TWFF: As someone focused on the health of the planet and the people and creatures that populate it, what frightens you the most about the climate crisis?

KK: I hear you, but I try not to be frightened. I think the climate crisis is the perfect mirror for us to look deeply into ourselves collectively as a species. Yes, governments are not doing enough but when do they ever do enough? They are in the pockets of big business, so rather than be scared, what if we can see the climate crisis as our greatest teacher? What if this is forcing the change that is inevitable? Maybe we should be thankful that nature is seriously kicking our collective butts. My passion is for community on the land … there is plenty of it and so much we can do together. We can bring back the ancient woodlands, clean our water systems, reforest the deserts, simplify the way we live, through deep heartfelt human connection, rather than individuated greed- driven desires.

In the Whaledreamer film, one of the grandmothers said “it’s the time of the danilewega…the time of the  great coming together.” This is what I believe the climate crisis is giving us collectively,  the unique opportunity to change systemically the way we live on this earth. Don’t listen to the fear driven mainstream media. Go find your people and build community together on the land. Some very scientific clever people have worked out how we can do this in just 7 years—all we have to do is divert our budgets away from constant war, so called ‘defense’ and the military, thus creating an earth restoration army using shovels, not guns. Kinda like the Xmas day in the first world war when so called ‘enemies’ ate, played and sang together. There are no enemies, humans just want dignified, simple lives and to live together in harmony on this beautiful planet, which is our only home. This will happen.  

TWFF: Where do you find the most hope for the future of Mother Gaia?

KK: The hope lives in the human heart, it’s in our DNA, the ancient songs of the ancestors. We know this deep down, but we got too busy and techno crazy to listen quietly to ourselves, nature and our beautiful Mother. I am part of the growing community of people doing ceremony and things like healing Breathwork around the globe every day. The movement is growing exponentially and gaining massive traction in all areas of life.  

One day soon we will wake up to a new earth that has been created from mutual support, love and co-existence,  rather than the cult of the individual, based on consumerism, profit and greed. We really don’t need much and we certainly do not need chips in our brains to create a new earth. We need to get back to natural law and the natural ways … and all will be well in the garden. 

TWFF: Are there any upcoming projects you’d like to mention?

KK: Well I’d love people to know they can come breathe with us every Tuesday with our growing community and get involved locally with groups that are regenerating land, growing food, preserving precious water, and teaching kids all about the ancient connection to the earth that is their birthright. 

We have a wonderful bee protection project coming up and also a project to protect children from the dangers of using mobile phones, iPads etc near the body. Lots of really practical things and, of course, I can’t wait to share them. 

Top photo by: Julian Lennon; Middle and Last photos, courtesy of Kim Kindersley.

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Ingrid Exner
Ingrid Exner
November 7, 2021 15:41

Fantastic article! Welcome Kim! Your incredible advocacy work is wonderful. And, I can’t wait to see the results of you and Julian working together through TWFF! Congratulations all around and well done TWFF team-great selection. Lastly, heart-felt thanks (from a survivor) for your future work with connection of childhood brain tumours and cellphones…

Lee-Ann M Kenerson
Lee-Ann M Kenerson
November 14, 2021 20:14

Thank You from my heart

November 16, 2021 10:10

Kim that’s fantastic
Uncle Bunna, all the Mirning people and all of us in Aus and all nations who visited at that ask you to please come back.
I have been asking Julian for years!
It’s nearly time
The whales and dolphins join up around the coastline together every Mon night when we have our Meditation for Aus
They hold the space for us
Love to you and Julian from Maree and your Aus family

November 17, 2021 12:04


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