Action for the Amazon COVID-19 Relief Campaign

The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated families worldwide. Among the most vulnerable to the virus are the Indigenous communities and river people who live in the Amazon. Due to limited access to healthcare, poor communication from government leaders and a lack of advanced sanitation in rural areas, their population has suffered some of the worst outcomes imaginable. Together, we can prevent further trauma.

To provide aid to organizations who can accelerate relief for these communities, we’re asking our supporters to open their hearts and make a donation today to our Action for the Amazon Covid-19 Relief Campaign. Musical artist and humanitarian Alexi Callinicos, and family, have generously donated $40,000; we ask you to match this donation one for one, and help us reach our goal of $80,000. These funds will help prevent the spread of the disease and preserve fragile sacred cultures for generations to come.

A portion of the funds raised will go to our longtime charity partners at the Amazon Conservation Team, who have already set in motion a multi-layered response to the pandemic. Other funds will be allocated to the Nevada Building Hope Foundation who provides emergency Covid-19 survival kits, including food staples and soap, to those in Peru’s Amazon River Village Communities.

Impact 1

Your donation of $25 pays for a Covid-19 test in an area of the Amazon where medical services are highly limited.

Impact 2

Your donation of $35 pays for Humanitarian Aid for an entire family living in an at-risk area of the Amazon.

Impact 3

Your donation of $100 provides Biosecurity Kits created by the Amazon Conservation Team for a community’s Indigenous Guard (face shields; digital thermometer, etc.)

impact 4

Your donation of $120 purchases a Survival Kit created by Nevada Building Hope Foundation containing a month’s worth of food and sanitation supplies for an entire family.

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