Survival International


For more than 45 years Survival International has been working tirelessly for threatened tribal peoples. Survival is the global movement for tribal peoples’ rights. They help them defend their lives, protect their lands and determine their own futures.

They exist to prevent the annihilation of tribal peoples and to give them a platform to speak to the world so they can bear witness to the genocidal violence, slavery and racism they face on a daily basis. By lobbying the powerful they help defend the lives, lands and futures of people who should have the same rights as other contemporary societies.

Today, Survival’s most urgent case is the plight of uncontacted tribes. There are more than a hundred uncontacted tribes around the world. They are a vitality important part of humankind’s diversity, but they face catastrophe unless their land is protected.

Survival are doing everything they can to secure their land for them, and to let them live. But they depend on you.

Unlike many charities, they refuse national government funding and do not take money from corporations that could violate tribal peoples’ rights. Instead they rely on the generosity of the public, people like Julian Lennon and organisations like The White Feather Foundation to support their vital work.

Please watch their new film with Gillian Anderson and Mark Rylance and join the movement today:

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