Homeland of the Heart


Homeland of the Heart was originally designed and handmade by Victoria Rose. Incorporating soft hues, wax shades, pearls and Swarovski crystals (not included in print versions) to give a single elegant glimpse of the aura of Paris. * Signed by Jimmy Choo OBE, Victoria Rose and Julian Lennon.

– $15 goes to plant 50 Trees, 1 Tree Kit and 1 Photoprint 6×4 (no frame) with ForestNation.
– $25 to #conservelife with TWFF causes.
– Made in USA. Free Shipping to USA. Supplement for UK.

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Victoria Rose: Artist and author Victoria Rose consistently incorporates important causes into her work. Through her books and Art, she tries to reflect a mosaic of human nature and the importance and essence of the environment around us.

Grow Kits are a message that lasts a life time…

  • Hand made in USA.
  • Kraft Paper Pouch with Biodegradable lining (28g).
  • Jiffy 7 growing pellet.- Seeds. (Biodegradable capsule for small seeds.)
  • Instructions and unique code to register online.
  • Matching Trees planted in developing countries.

50 Trees planted with special photo print…

  • 6×4 glossy photo print (no frame).
  • 50 Tree Planted with ForestNation

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