Soul Redemption


Soul Redemption was originally designed and handmade by Victoria Rose. Featuring a cluster of gold and bronze Swarovski crystals central to the design (not included in printed versions). A forest tree forms the sole of a stiletto to symbolize our ‘journey’ walking through life. Charcoal feathers and clouds seal the image. * Signed by Jimmy Choo OBE, Victoria Rose and Julian Lennon.

– $15 goes to plant 50 Trees, 1 Tree Kit and 1 Photoprint 6×4 (no frame) with ForestNation.
– $25 to #conservelife with TWFF causes.
– Made in USA. Free Shipping to USA. Supplement for UK.

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Victoria Rose: Artist and author Victoria Rose consistently incorporates important causes into her work. Through her books and Art, she tries to reflect a mosaic of human nature and the importance and essence of the environment around us.

Grow Kits are a message that lasts a life time…

  • Hand made in USA.
  • Kraft Paper Pouch with Biodegradable lining (28g).
  • Jiffy 7 growing pellet.- Seeds. (Biodegradable capsule for small seeds.)
  • Instructions and unique code to register online.
  • Matching Trees planted in developing countries.

50 Trees planted with special photo print…

  • 6×4 glossy photo print (no frame).
  • 50 Tree Planted with ForestNation

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