Absolutely Positively Getting Along

Absolutely Positively Getting Along

A video has been made to accompany Julian’s poem.

Julian Lennon, who’s known not only for his platinum and gold recordings, but for his sensitive and exquisitely captured photographs, provides a poignant poetry track for Absolutely, Positively, Getting Along! Backed by a soft flow of music created by Patrick Robinson, Lennon offers a gentle uplifting reading of the poem “Celebrate You,” which was written by Steve Pullara. Lennon¹s spot-on interpretation cracks open the listening door while carrying a wise mentoring tone. “Celebrate You” reaches out and touches children on a tender level about the importance of honoring the people and the moments in their lives – it¹s exactly what a Big Brother or Big Sister endeavors to do with their young charge. His poem ends with the phrase, “Celebrate the moments that you’ll have with cherished friends, and the many things to be seen… through life’s camera lens.”

Bottom line, Absolutely, Positively, Getting Along! is a stunning recording compilation that fulfills the ideals articulated by Big Brothers Big Sisters to mentor generations and provide pathways for a positive life that all children were meant to live.

~ Paula Slade, National Children¹s Entertainment

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