Crisis in Afghanistan: How to Help


The Situation

After two decades in Afghanistan, the withdrawal of U.S. troops earlier this month resulted in a swift overthrow of the current government by The Taliban militant group, who had control of the country prior to that time.

The Taliban is known for their oppression of women and have a history of violence. Desperate to flee from The Taliban’s assumed power, locals were photographed trying to escape at the airport, some getting injured or losing their lives clinging to the outside of airplanes filled to capacity during take-off. 

Though some have made it safely to other countries, many still remain and those who are displaced are seeking refuge in places unknown to them in language and culture. 

Ways to Help

Since the beginning of the crises, several groups have mobilized to bring relief to the Afghan people. Here are some of the actions we can take around the world to help:

In addition to these actions, stay informed by reading updates from trusted news sources and verify the facts before sharing on social media. 

As an international community, let’s come together and offer our support, empathy and love to the people of Afghanistan.

Photo of Afghanistan by Makalu/Pixabay

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September 30, 2021 13:57

Thank you for highlighting this current humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan and in particular to raise the awareness regarding the plight that women and the most vulnerable in society are facing. Thank you for highlighting the plight of refugees. Thank you for raising the awareness about those fundamental humanitarian issues. Thank you for caring. This is not about politics, it’s about a humanitarian and societal disaster. It needs to remain in the news so that the voices of the voiceless, the voices of the people that are silenced by the regime can be heard.

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