[email protected] in Escobar


[email protected] has just finished their 2nd project this year, at a provincial hospital in Escobar. The hospital serves over a thousand people a day! The hospital is very poor and run down, but it has the most excellent and dedicated medical staff who just love their work and make the most of what they have.

The [email protected] team worked hard hammering and drilling in some 200 artworks over 5 floors during two long days. The real result is difficult to show in these photos. They just cannot transmit the incredible impact and emotions that have been created for the people that need to use the hospital. But they do give you a glimpse at the magic that is [email protected].

Art@Hospital in Escobar

Art@Hospital in Escobar

Art@Hospital in Escobar 1
One artist expressed the friendship between The White Feather Foundation and [email protected] in a very special way.

The next [email protected] project will help 4 hospitals, including the CEMIC, one of the largest university hospitals in South America. The project is planned for 2018 and will start this November.

Thanks to [email protected] for improving people’s lives in a very special way. Please consider starting your own [email protected] project at a hospital near you.


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