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LOST GIRLS Artist-for-Change


A film by Julian Verdin from Artists For Change

“I have always believed in the power of art and media’s ability to create important social change, so I was thrilled to be asked to join the advisory board of the non-profit organization, Artists For Change.”

Julian Lennon (Executive Producer)

Artists For Change recognizes the influence that the Film and TV industries have when advocating for social causes. They plan to create high impact films, television and multimedia projects that champion issues that affect the United States. In partnership with communities and other charities, Artists For Change will develop projects that raise awareness for key social issues such as human trafficking, refugee crisis, racial inequality, LGBTQ homelessness, and bullying.


“I think that narrative storytelling can really connect an audience to an issue, as seen with the success of films such as “Blood Diamond” that resulted in people really questioning how diamonds were made. I also feel there is a need to impress on up and coming filmmakers the power that film has and to really think about the content they make. As well as the work we plan to do in creating impactful media, we also plan to educate and help other filmmakers achieve visibility with their work and encourage more collaboration with non profits.”

Julia Verdin (Director, President & Founder)

“Abuse to women and children has always affected me deeply. Artists For Change’s first project “LOST GIRLS” will raise awareness for the fast-growing problem of sex trafficking and aims to stop slavery. Our children deserve to have safe childhoods, and we need to protect their innocence. I am proud to support the socially conscious creation of film by Artists For Change, and look forward to championing their future endeavors.”

Julian Lennon (Executive Producer)


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Jerry Gomez
Jerry Gomez
February 9, 2018 16:09

What an awesome project! Thanks Julian for participating in this very important film. I will definitely go see it.

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