August is World Cancer Support Month

Read on for helpful, free resources that are currently available.
World Cancer Support Month

Though medical advancements have made many cancers treatable, the sad reality is that most of us will know multiple people affected by it in our lifetimes. If you or someone you love is battling cancer, there are people and organizations dedicated to making that journey easier.


Cancer Support Community offers resources worldwide for people suffering from cancer and their partners.

RxList helps users make sense of drugs used to treat cancer.

Vital Options International is a global health foundation that supports patients with financial assistance, community and advocacy.

World Health Organisation (WHO) offers informational documents about cancer management, as well as current news and statistics.


Cancer Council offers comprehensive emotional, financial and practical support for those suffering from cancer.

Canteen offers resources for young people and their families impacted by cancer.


Canadian Cancer Society offers guidance to those living with cancer, as well as information about treatments and current research.

Canadian Cancer Survivor Network provides access to education and counseling for cancer patients, survivors and their families.


Ethiopian Cancer Organization helps spread awareness and provides psychosocial support.


Cancer Support France offers trained supporters who can accompany patients to consultations, provide visits and language support for those not fluent in French.

Institut National de Cancer offers comprehensive resources for patients and relatives with information on treatments, insurance and lifestyle modifications.


Irish Cancer Society provides information on support groups as well as logistical help like arranging transportation and navigating finances.


Aimac provides education, a helpline, guidance on patient rights and community forums.

LILT offers education about prevention, training for volunteers and funding for research projects.


Cancer Support Community-Japan helps with employment support, individual counseling and medical consultations.


The Kenya Cancer Association provides resources about treatments and cancer management.

United Kingdom

Look Good Feel Better offers free workshops that provide practical advice about changes to the body, skin and hair as well as addressing issues of anxiety and mental health.

Maggie’s offers comprehensive support including assistance from benefits advisors, workshops for HR professionals, support groups for patients and more.

United States

Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition connects patients with places that may be able to provide financial relief to those undergoing treatment.

OncoLink provides comprehensive information for patients and caregivers for emotional, financial and physical health in the wake of cancer.

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