Beaudesert Kindy… Stewards of the Earth!

Touch The Earth

This is a Beaudesert learning story about Touch The Earth.

In our class we have been talking and learning a lot about recycling and how we can help to look after our planet. We wanted to share the most wonderful story that was kindly donated by United Way and the Imagination Library. It’s called Touch The Earth written by Julian Lennon with Bart Davis and illustrated by Smiljana Coh. This book is part of the legacy of The White Feather Foundation. Giving a voice and support to those who cannot be heard.

Sharing this book together was such a lovely experience. Together we explored the concepts of direction, North, South, East and West. We learnt that water is the most important resource on Earth. We learnt that we could be Stewards of the Earth and help to keep our planet clean and healthy for the future. Collectively as a class we gained a wonderful understanding of just how important the waterways of our planet are. If they are clean and healthy it changes the lives of so many people and animals.

We talked about how lucky we are to have access to clean water to drink every day, to help keep us clean, and to keep our plants alive. We are thankful for all of those things, every day!

Beaudesert Kindy... Stewards of the Earth! 1

The next day it began to rain and we all got very excited when we could hear the rain on our roof. We heard beautiful words like “I Love the rain” and “I can hear the rain outside”. We recalled various parts of the Touch The Earth story and how water and the rain were so important for our planet.

Some of our Kindy family enjoyed sharing this book together and retelling the story… You flew the White Feather Flyer North, South, East and West… You cared for our planet and made a difference in the world. At Kindy we will continue to recycle, make sure our rubbish is in the bin, look after our gardens and be sure to remember how to help each other look after our planet.We will be wonderful Stewards of the Earth!

Thanks to the very amazing Teachers Kylie Day and Janene Yuke for this story and teaching Touch The Earth to their students.

United Way Australia provided seed funding from the Department of Education and Training which helped pay for books for a couple years, and Save The Children have continued the program since in partnership with United Way Australia who provide the books delivered every month to 50 children.

Thanks to the Dolly Parton Imagination Library through United Way Australia in partnership with Portland Aluminium for helping to distribute Touch The Earth to children in Australia.

Credits: Touch the Earth by Julian Lennon (Author), Bart Davis (Author), Smiljana Coh (Illustrator)

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