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The loyalty of our supporters is what enables us to continue to help those in need. That’s why, to strengthen our community, we’ve created a new Monthly Giving Program. This debut membership opportunity ensures a strong future for TWFF and offers you priority access to announcements and updates about our campaigns. Plus, it provides a special way to designate your contributions to the projects that mean the most to you. Here are the new categories:

The Dreamcatchers
The Dreamcatchers
By becoming a TWFF “DREAMCATCHER” monthly donor, you help preserve and protect Indigenous cultures, fostering the earth’s biodiversity and helping to ensure its health for centuries to come.
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The Desert Bloom

By becoming a TWFF “DESERT BLOOM” monthly donor, you help plant trees to expedite reforestation, fund critical climate research and promote regenerative agricultural practises to sustain the environment.

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The Ripple

By becoming a monthly donor in “THE RIPPLE,” you help provide the construction of clean water wells, the implementation of piped water systems and long-term training for beneficiary communities.

The Pulse
The Pulse

By becoming a TWFF “PULSE” monthly donor, you save lives by providing preventative and emergency health solutions, safe learning spaces and vital school facilities and supplies for students.

The Muse
The Muse

By becoming a monthly donor in “THE MUSE,” you provide young girls with educational opportunities they otherwise would not have through The Cynthia Lennon Scholarship for Girls. Contributions to this fund provide everything from school uniforms to safe transport to and from the classroom.

The Quill
The Quill
By becoming a monthly donor in “THE QUILL” you provide support to the area of greatest need within the charity. Whether it’s bringing an active campaign goal over the finish line or maintaining necessary operating systems, your donation helps ensure the health of TWFF for the road ahead.

Ready to make a monthly commitment? Click the square above for the group you’d like to join and navigate to the ‘Give Monthly’ option (which looks like this):

Become a Member of The White Feather Foundation 3

Choose one of the designated amounts (or create your own), then click the button that reads “DONATE.” Follow the prompts to select your payment method preference (credit card or PayPal) and once your information is entered, be sure to wait for the ‘Thank You’ page to confirm your donation went through.

Already a monthly donor? No action is needed; you’ll automatically be placed in the group that corresponds to your existing designated area of giving.

We thank you in advance for making a lasting impact for the conservation of life.

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