Breathwork Led by TWFF Global Ambassador Kim Kindersley of Hugold Wellness

Featuring Special Guest Mirning Senior Elder Bunna Lawrie
Breathwork Ad

Each week, Kim Kindersley leads a virtual global fire circle on Zoom, where the participants breathe a collective prayer for the New Earth.

This Tuesday, Kim will be joined by Mirning Senior Elder Bunna Lawrie, who was present when Julian received the white feather that inspired our charity. He is the songman and carrier of the whaledreaming for The Mirning People and the people of the whale—the whale is known as the record keeper for all humanity; breath is perceived as the universal language that binds all humanity together.

For over a year, the breathwork group has breathed along with these ancient whalesongs and chants, recorded many years ago with Bunna and the Warrimiri people from Yolgnu country. 

We invite you to join this special ceremony Tuesday (there is no charge to attend). To participate, log into this Zoom link at 6:30 p.m. local UK time (GMT+1).

The Meeting ID is: 460 390 380

The Passcode is: Breathe

We hope to share this sacred space with you.

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