Down Syndrome World Awareness Day


To celebrate Down Syndrome World Awareness Day on the 21st March, Art@Hospital has announced that they will be changing the look of 3 places where Down Syndrome adults spend their days and nights.

With colourful artworks they will make a strong impact on the lives of these highly appreciative and perceptive people who are very sensitive to their direct surroundings.

The organisation NOSOTROS manages 3 places in Buenos Aires and surrounding areas.  Art@Hospital are happy to support them in this unique way.

The Downs Syndrome people have lived in these 3 homes since they were very young. They can live a relatively good life until their 60’s when cared for lovingly and appropriately. Their reactions to the first art pieces brought in last year was heartwarming.

If you are interested in donating artworks or in Argentina,  or getting involved, please liaise with

About Art@Hospital

The initiative Art@Hospital donates artworks not only to hospitals but to various caring institutions (children, the elderly, terminally ill, rehabilitation, motoric or neurological patients etc.)

Visit our Art@Hospital page.

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