Eagle Wings Ambassador

Eagle Wings Ambassador

Julian Lennon became an Ambassador of the Eagle Wings Project to help raise awareness of Nature’s needs. The woman behind the project is Nomi Baumgartl, an internationally acclaimed and award-winning photographer. Eagle Wings came about through a twist of fate and aims to raise awareness of the fragile balance between nature and mankind. This project creates a three-dimensional interplay of nature seen through the eagle’s eye, from a satellite in space, and from the human perspective. With these three-dimensional images, which are taken between heaven and earth, they want to spread their message and raise awareness about nature’s needs.

Earth – Nomi Baumgartl

Standing firmly on the ground, Nomi expresses herself through her powerful images seen from a human perspective.

Eagle Wings Ambassador 1

Air – Eagle

Gliding high above the Alps, the eagle carries the eagle cam, which takes impressive still and moving images from the air.

Eagle Wings Ambassador 2

Space – DLR and EOC

Satellite cameras capture images of alpine glaciers from space. This is only possible with the support of the Earth Observation Center (EOC) and the German Aerospace Center (DLR). Everyone involved in this project acts environmentally friendly keeping their footprints as small as possible. For any harm done, trees are planted in compensation.

“For me it was not only a great honour to meet Julian Lennon, but also an honour that he wants to be an ambassador for Eagle Wings. With The White Feather Foundation & Eagle Wings working together, we can share our wings and co-operate. Sharing is caring!”

– Nomi Baumgartl – https://www.eaglewings-project.org/

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Linda Miller
Linda Miller
November 8, 2017 18:39

This is very exciting news❣️

C David Tarboton
C David Tarboton
February 22, 2018 09:04

I so totally agree with Julian’s philosophy! Would love to promote the education of our people in South Africa to find the ultimate balance in working with nature and thus preserving our beautiful planet for generations to come. If you can assist me in the way forward to achieve our common purpose goals it would be greatly appreciated. Your website is wonderful & inspirational.

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