Latest news and updates from our charity partner Music for Relief. Please continue to support the Haiti Relief campaign.

  • More than 3,700 suspected cholera cases have been reported since October 4th.
  • More than 141,500 people have been displaced to evacuation centers. Approximately 90% of homes in Sud and Grand’Anse departments are damaged or destroyed.
  • 1.4 million people, including nearly 600,000 children, need humanitarian assistance.
  • Music for Relief is supporting a cholera treatment center in Sud, and mobile medical units across Sud and Grand’ Anse.
  • Music for Relief is supporting Haiti’s Ministry of Public Health and Population for the oral cholera vaccination campaign.
  • Music for Relief is providing shelter kits to survivors. Each kit includes temporary shelter supplies so families can protect themselves while they work to rebuild their homes: a tarp, sheets, a blanket, a mosquito net and a lantern with a solar charger.

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