Australian Fires – How You can Help

Alarming pictures have emerged from Australia’s worst-ever bushfire crisis. We need to act now!
australia fires conserve life
Devastating bushfires have been raging across Australia for months now, and show no signs of slowing down. The country is in the grip of a heatwave and a severe drought. Temperatures are higher than ever before, making the situation even worse.

What is causing the fires

Every summer, the country undergoes a fire season, where it is easy for bushfires to start and spread. Natural causes are to blame most of the time. But recent conditions are making the country’s fire season longer and harder to contain.
Australia has been getting hotter over recent decades. The hotter, drier climate causes the fires to be more frequent and more intense. Scientists have long warned about this.

Destruction caused so far

The bushfire has scorched the land, polluted the air and destroyed acres of forests. A whopping 17.9 million acres of land was burnt, demolishing 2,000 houses and killing 27 people. A billion wild animals have perished, a number that is going to rise in the coming days.
organizations fighting australia fires

Organizations at work

The Australian Police, Navy and military have been working round the clock. About 3,600 firefighters are fighting the fierce blazes right now. The USA, Canada, and New Zealand have sent their firefighters to help.
Let’s help these organizations attempting to battle this unprecedented crisis…

Fire services

New South Wales Rural Fire Service: Supporting families of volunteer firefighters who lost their lives on duty.
Victoria Bushfire Relief: Supporting fire affected communities in Victoria.

Emergency aid

Australian Red Cross: Supporting thousands of people in evacuation and recovery centers across the country.
Salvation Army Australia: Providing meals and support to evacuees and first responders in many locations.
Foodbank: Providing emergency groceries and meals to people affected by the fires.
Direct Relief: Providing N95 respirator masks and other medical supplies.

Wildlife conservation

WIRES: Rescuing and caring for thousands of sick, injured and orphaned native animals.
The Rescue Collective: Organizing wildlife rescue operations and providing them with food & shelter.
Zoos Victoria: Providing emergency veterinary care and scientific intervention needed to adapt to changing conditions for wildlife.
RSPCA NSW: Organizing evacuation of pets and livestock in affected areas.
Australia Koala Foundation: Ensuring the safety of koalas and providing them with aid during the crisis.

Long-term recovery

BlazeAid: Helping restore rural communities in Australia affected by the fires.
ORICoop: Helping rural farmers cope with the current tragedy and restoring their lands.
Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal: Supporting affected communities to recover from the disaster for the long-term.

Indigenous communities

Firesticks: Promoting the ancient practice of ‘cultural burning’ as a way to control fire hazards.
SEED: Helping solve the crisis by harnessing the voice of indigenous youth in Australia.
The crisis in Australia raises many questions. It urges the world to adopt sustainable measures, to fight global warming. Countries and organizations need to work together to conserve life. Each of us can contribute in ways that can heal Mother Earth. #ConserveLife
Written by Akankshya Mohanty, thanks for helping raise awareness.

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