Her Education Stops When Mom is Sick

(Names and details edited to keep the girls safe and protect their privacy)

A Studio Samuel student solemnly listens as her friend and classmate. Ms. L (not shown) bravely shares the reason for her recent absences from school. Her HIV+ mother’s health has declined rapidly, as the disease has progressed to AIDS. This month her mother was also diagnosed with cancer.

As an only child living with her single mother, it’s just the two of them. School for Ms. L isn’t an option right now as she bears the weight of home responsibilities, among other challenges too massive for any 10-year-old to withstand on her own.

Ms. L has become more dependent on Studio Samuel’s holistic approach to education and healthcare. She’s taking full advantage of their trauma counseling, mentoring, tutoring, and healthcare network.

Studio Samuel and The White Feather Foundation thank our supporters for understanding the immense need and direct connection of education and healthcare for a girl born into a marginalized community.

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Suni Roberts
Suni Roberts
May 11, 2018 18:11

This touches me hard. I did not have this trouble when young, but when I was a mom I fought with this always. I was born sick, so I caught everything my kids brought home from school. And I could not leave them out of school because I was too sick to move – – – – and I was a single parent.

Virginia Abreu de Paula
Virginia Abreu de Paula
May 13, 2018 03:28

Such a sad story. At the same time such a fantastic work you do helping people like Ms L. May you all be blessed.

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