I want to help the earth to heal and grow strong

“I want to help the earth to heal and grow strong.”

Pledge Nº1043 – USA

#earthdayeveryday #conservelife #imagineforestnation

Pledge to Plant with ForestNation

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Brian Scott
Brian Scott
April 22, 2015 02:16

In the fall of 2014, I visited a conservation near Ottawa. To my surprise there were thousands of ripe acorns all over the ground. Usually squirrels and chipmunks gather everything up in preparation for winter. I stuffed my pockets as full as I could. Overwintered them in our fridge and took them out in early April to sprout them. I got 107 to sprout!! I planted them in pots and have given them away to family and friends.
I was unsure if I wanted to continue doing this. But now am sure that I do and I will.

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