Julian Lennon’s Message for’One Little Finger’

“Hi I’m Julian Lennon, and I’m honoured to be involved in the movie ‘One Little Finger’ which shows ability In Disability. The film makes a point to show, that a person with a disability, is also a person with many abilities. Through love, acceptance and understanding, it provides a world without exclusion and judgment. When we reach out towards each other, we celebrate the gift of life.”

One Little Finger

One Little Finger is a story of #AbilityinDisability where people with perceived incapabilities accomplish great feats through the power of music and unity. The award-winning feature has grown into a global movement for breaking the stigma of disability through real-life stories.

The filmmakers truly practice what they preach by encouraging inclusion and diversity when making the soundtrack of the film. In collaboration with musicians & singers with disabilities, Julian Lennon contributed to the project along with artists from around the world.

One Little Finger premiered at the LA Monica Film Center on 16 August. Spread the word and help change the perception of disability. #conservelife

Julian Lennon's Message for'One Little Finger' 1
Julian Lennon's Message for'One Little Finger' 2
Julian Lennon's Message for'One Little Finger' 3

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August 28, 2019 01:37

I’m so honored to be a small part of this project and a great community of human beings who value ALL life! Thank You ALL for ALL that You do !! <3

September 5, 2019 18:27

How can we view the film? There is no information on how to see it. Sounds like it will be wonderful.

September 12, 2019 11:33
Reply to  Faye

Hi Faye, the film premiered recently and is showing at various film festivals. You can follow these updates here – https://www.facebook.com/OneLittleFingerTheFilm

Jimmy Lewis
Jimmy Lewis
September 5, 2019 22:23

Thank you Julian for all you do!!!! Your father WOULD BE SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!I I have been and always will be your greatest fan!!!!!

Jimmy Lewis
Jimmy Lewis
September 5, 2019 22:33

Dear Julian, Than you so much for all you do!!!!!!YOUR FATHER WOULD BE SO PROUD! I know he is there ever step of the way. I am and always shall be your greatest fan’!!!!!!!!!! Sincerly yours, Jimmy Lewis

Mlchel Bonneville
Mlchel Bonneville
September 10, 2019 16:16

Thank you for making a difference in this world.✌

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