Meet the Musician: SEREENA

Leading up to the release of the Future Youth Records' Think Earth Campaign EP release on Earth Day, we're highlighting the featured artists.
Serenna Future Youth Music

The third musician in our series is SEREENA from Surrey, England. She recently spoke to Tassoula Kokkoris about her artistic journey.

TK: When did you decide that music would be a focus in your life?

S: I’ve always loved music, but it was about two years ago, during my gap year, when I really began to take it seriously.

TK: Who are your musical inspirations?

S: Adele, all the way! “Someone Like You” was actually the first song I learned on the piano, from my brother. She inspired me to learn more and use the piano as my instrument, and perform it that way. More recently I’ve been getting into the American singer Reneé Rapp. She started on Broadway and her songs are so emotional and vulnerable—I love them.

TK: How did you find out about Future Youth Records?

S: I saw an ad on Instagram and they were saying they wanted songs about social justice. I had just released a song about mental health, so I submitted it. I didn’t think anything until a few months later when I received an email about joining Future Youth’s pilot program, one of the first workshops—so I joined it, and it was such a useful and inspiring experience. Then, I more recently got a call saying … “Do you want to come to LA?”

TK: Was this your first introduction to “Saltwater” by Julian Lennon?

S: It was—and it’s such an incredible song. I was really excited about putting our own spin on it, and for such an important cause.

TK: What was it like being with Julian in the studio?

S: It was surreal. I remember I was upstairs with the other vocalists and someone came up and said, “The air has changed—Julian is here!” And I remember going down to fill up my tea because he was in the room with the tea (laughs). He was so lovely—it was nice to talk to him, not only about the song, but about The White Feather Foundation and everything he hoped to do with this song.

TK: After this Future Youth Records Think Earth Campaign EP, what is next for you musically?

S: I’ve been working on a song that I am hoping to release in a couple months. I feel like I need to find the best production to go about it the right way. I’m going to spend my summer working on music and gigging and doing as much as I can to put myself out there.

For updates on SEREENA, follow her on Instagram at @0sereena.

The Future Youth Records Think Earth Campaign EP featuring the new version of “Saltwater” will be available for purchase on Earth Day on our collaboration website. Proceeds will equally benefit our Save the Mirning Sea Country campaign and Future Youth Records.

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