New Charity Partner: Nevada Building Hope Foundation


Primarily helping children of the Ribereños along the Amazon River Basin with educational aid and support, the Nevada Building Hope Foundation sprung into action in response to the threat of the Covid-19 virus reaching their remote communities.

In this area of Peru, the people living along the river banks, called the Ribereños, are thought to descend from Spanish, Indian and other ethnic groups. When they arrived here, they knew very little about their surroundings in the forest—they farmed and fished for sustenance, living off of the land’s natural bounty. Over time, they’ve endured horrific diseases, survived slavery and overcome environmental challenges due to their resilience and strength.

The task that the Nevada Building Hope Foundation faced was to prevent the pandemic from getting to this part of the world and make sure the community remained outside of cities and areas where it was already prevalent. In addition, they needed to contain the area and provide effective communication, sanitation and food to deter them from exposing themselves to the virus.

Through the delivery of necessity kits that include soap and primary food staples, they are helping to achieve that goal, but more funding is needed to provide ongoing relief.

We’re proud to begin this partnership with the Nevada Building Hope Foundation working together for such a noble purpose, assisting those in peril when they need it most. We hope it will be the first of many joint efforts between our two organizations and look forward to sharing the impacts of this campaign with you as soon as we are able.


Photo courtesy of Nevada Building Hope Foundation

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