New Julian Lennon + Munchkin Partnership Promotes Sustainability

A portion of the sales from this new earth-friendly gift set for kids will benefit The White Feather Foundation and The International Fund for Animal Welfare.
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For 32 years, Munchkin has achieved their goal of “simplifying parenting by inventing smart, reliable products.” In addition to creating innovative toys and accessories for decades, they’ve amplified their commitment in recent years by expanding the company focus to include long-term environmental sustainability.

From creating bath toys that represent at-risk or endangered animal species, to planting a tree for every diaper pail they sell (3 million and counting), they are walking the walk.

What’s more, their commitment doesn’t just include their innovative products. They’re also taking action where materials and packaging are concerned. They announced a partnership earlier this year with Smart Plastic Technologies that will utilise plastics for their products and packaging that can be recycled and will naturally break down if discarded. In the next 4 – 6 years, this will result in 15 million pounds of plastic waste being removed from our planet—a weight equivalent to two thirds of The Eiffel Tower!

Munchkin also developed ways to track, recycle, reuse and divert waste from their warehouses. In 2021 alone, they recycled 79.04% of their cardboard and plastic wrap waste, safely diverting it from landfills.

Their demonstrated commitment to the health of our planet, and children’s environmental education in the process, made them a natural fit to partner with our founder, Julian Lennon, on a new kids’ gift set that aims to both educate and delight future environmentalists.

On this World Children’s Day, we’re proud to present the Julian Lennon Book Set and Polar Bear/Orca WildLove Collection, which includes Julian’s Touch the Earth 3-Book Box Set + a 2-pack of Miracle® 360° WildLove Sippy Cups + a WildLove Reversible Silicone Placemat, along with Wild™ Bath Squirts—all ideal for children ages 3 – 6. 

Each sale will benefit The White Feather Foundation and The International Fund for Animal Welfare. We invite you to start your holiday shopping early with a purchase of this wonderful set

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