Stop Deep Seabed Mining Campaign Calls for Advocacy and Action

Julian Lennon is featured in a new video by The Oxygen Project.
The Ocean Needs Your Help video screenshot

In October, the UN’s International Seabed Authority will meet to move their mining agenda forward, disregarding the warnings raised by scientific experts, thus beginning the destruction of the world’s largest carbon sink.

The Oxygen Project is leading the fight for a moratorium on deep seabed mining and created this video featuring various humanitarians, activists and conservationists to bring awareness to the cause. 

Please share the video to your social channels and help get the word out before it’s too late. Be sure to use any or all of the official hashtags:#DefendtheDeep #StopDeepSeaMining #StopDeepSeabedMining #DeepTrouble in your posts — and thank you for your advocacy!

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