Studio Samuel Celebrates International Women’s Day with Empowering Walk

New campaign, which kicks off today, aims to enroll 100 girls in Young Leaders Summer Camp.
Studio Samuel IWD 2021

Today's Observance

The United Nations 2021 theme for International Women’s Day is “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world.” Building on that call for equality and women’s rights in decision making in all aspects of life, Studio Samuel is launching a campaign that both celebrates empowerment and promotes leadership.

The Goal

With money raised from this initiative, the Studio hopes to enroll 100 girls in the Young Leaders Summer Camp, which provides a safe-haven for students while school is out of session and includes life skills training, tutoring and more. To accelerate this campaign, they’ve created a Giving Grid where supporters worldwide can select an amount, upload a photo with their personal message and contribute directly to the fund. 

The Women First 5km Run

On March 28, the team in Addis Ababa will kick off the day at the Studio Samuel Training Center with a talk by their Ethiopia Ambassador, renowned Actress Hanan Tarq. Following that, the students and caregivers will break into small groups and walk/run throughout the community to participate remotely in the Women First 5km Run. Team leaders are customizing this process with staggered start times and social distancing to help minimize the risk of spreading or getting Covid-19. All participants will also wear customized Studio Samuel masks.

How to Show Your Support

If you’d like to contribute funds toward the Young Leaders Summer Camp, which also provides students with school uniforms for the 2021 school year, visit the Giving Grid and choose an amount to donate.

If you’d like to show your support for the Women First 5km Run—anytime between now and March 28—share a selfie on a walk or run in your community to your social media pages using the hashtags #EmpowerGirls and #IWD2021. Be sure to tag Studio Samuel in your post for some potential additional shares.

You can also shop for items such as handcrafted soaps, handmade jewelry and stunning art—every purchase makes an impact in a young girl’s life.

To learn more about International Women’s Day, visit and

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Tamara/Studio Samuel
Tamara/Studio Samuel
March 11, 2021 00:58

Thank you, White Feather Foundation, for your commitment to girls’ education, equality, and voice. 
We’re excited to be celebrating #IWD2021 all month and invite everyone to get involved!

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