The Ocean Foundation


The well-being of our planet and its inhabitants depends on the health of our oceans. The oceans connect us all. It’s our planet’s life support system, and provides 1/2 of the oxygen we breathe! CURRENTS is a ground-breaking new initiative, powered by the well established nonprofit, The Ocean Foundation (TOF).

CURRENTS empowers individuals to directly support their favorite ocean passions. Three areas of support are covered for each topic: Research + Education + Conservation.

What do you love and want to protect?

Beaches, marine mammals, polar seas, sea life, coral reefs, sharks and rays, sea turtles, recreation, sustainable fishing, human rights.

What actions will you take to defend what you love from the threats they face?

Climate change, global poverty, food insecurity, ocean trash, dirty energy, illegal fishing, ocean acidification, reckless shipping, health hazards, slavery at sea, unsustainable development.

CURRENTS encourages global citizens to learn more about ocean ecosystems, explore how everything is connected, shares tips on how individuals can make a positive difference, and provides a platform to take action and make passionate voices heard.

#DiveIn with CURRENTS and be “The Next Ocean Hero” at:

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