Today is World Mental Health Day

The focus for this year’s observance is increased investment in mental health.
World Mental Health Day Graphic


Each year on Oct. 10, the World Health Organization (WHO) raises awareness for mental health issues by observing World Mental Health Day. It’s a time for experts to share their findings and raise discussion about what needs to be done for further progress. It’s also an opportunity to remove the stigmas associated with having a mental health issue.


In 2020, many are facing enormous challenges in response to the global pandemic. The trauma of lockdown, social isolation, unemployment, illness and grief of losing (or potentially losing) loved ones is severe and some of those struggling may have otherwise been fine had these impacts not occurred.  

For mental health professionals, there are added stresses due to the increase in volume of those seeking help and the severity of the issues needing treatment, but also the complexity of navigating their own pain during this shared crisis.

The WHO is hosting The Big Event for Mental Health today, with appearances by performers and mental health advocates including Cynthia Germanotta and Alisson Becker. There is no charge to attend this virtual event and everyone is welcome (scroll down this page for event time).


If you or someone close to you is suffering from a mental health issue, there is help available. Visit this page for a variety of resources to help manage stress and depression, get tips for suicide prevention, and information about how to best navigate the Covid-19 crisis. 

Please stay safe and seek help when needed.


Photo by Tumisu/Pixabay.

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