Touch The Earth making an impact in Australia


“My son Mitchell (3yrs) has been receiving books from the Dolly Parton Imagination Library through United Way Australia Glenelg (Portland Victoria)

He absolutely loves each and every book. His excitement starts at the middle of each month when I tell him his ‘Dolly Parton Book’ is coming any day… He has enjoyed all the books and we re-read them over and over again.

This month was different, we received Touch The Earth by Julian Lennon.  By far the best book we have read! The enjoyment that came from reading along, pressing the various buttons and flying the White Feather Flier was amazing.

What actually transpired from reading this book, for my son was a better understanding of rubbish and its impact on the earth and in particular the oceans.

We live in a beautiful coastal town where at times there is litter on our beaches. Mitchell declared he wants to help make a change by helping clean up the beach each time we visit. This has now become apart of our life taking a bag with us to collect any junk that shouldn’t be there.

All because of one amazing book Mitchell, and us as a family, are doing something small to help the planet.

I can only imagine if others who received this lovely book also take on the strong messages from Julian Lennon’s book and help planet earth.”

– Thank you, Kindest regards, Corrina Beswick

Thanks to the Dolly Parton Imagination Library through United Way Australia in partnership with Portland Aluminium for helping to distribute Touch The Earth to children in Australia.

Credits: Touch the Earth by Julian Lennon (Author), Bart Davis (Author), Smiljana Coh (Illustrator)

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May 2, 2018 00:57


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