TWFF 2024 Environmental Grant Announced: Volcan Mountain Foundation

The funds will be used to support the group's Nature Center Montane Forest Habitat Conservation Project in Julian, California.
Volcan Mountain

We’re pleased to announce that the organisation selected to receive this year’s environmental grant in the amount of $10,000, is the Volcan Mountain Foundation. 

Since the late 1980s, the group has worked to preserve Volcan Mountain and maintain it in its natural state to protect it (and its inhabitants) for years to come.

They actively involve Indigenous advisors in their stewardship practices, engage a multi-disciplinary team of scientists to consult on projects and lead outdoor educational programs for children.

Volcan Tree

The specific project TWFF is helping to fund will improve the forest resilience in an area that is increasingly vulnerable to wildfires.

“We’re embarking on an important multi-year forest management project that embraces our responsibility to steward this strikingly biologically diverse and increasingly threatened landscape for all generations. Supported by The White Feather Foundation, our work on the mountain will restore health to the montane oak and conifer woodlands and increase its resilience to future wild fires and other long term damaging effects of climate change.”
Eric Jones
Volcan Mountain Foundation President and Executive Director
Volcan outdoor programs for kids.

We are thrilled to support this project and look forward to providing The White Feather Foundation community with regular updates on its progress.

Photos: Courtesy of Volcan Mountain Foundation

To learn more about the beneficiary organisation, visit their website.

To help future TWFF projects in support of The Environment thrive, become a monthly member of our Desert Bloom program.

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